Cooked Ham

Sprott’s locally produced cooked ham is second to none on quality, flavour, and texture. Renowned around the country as the “Portadown Ham”, the unique recipe has meant Sprott’s ham has remained in prime position, seeing off many competitors.

To produce Sprotts cooked ham, pork legs are hand selected and trimmed before curing in a traditional brine. Our curing and maturing process takes a number of weeks.

This together with a slow cooking process unchanged for over 40 years ensures that all Sprott’s Cooked Hams have a natural flavour and a tenderness found rarely in these days of modern technology.

Sprotts cooked ham range includes premium cooked ham, which maintains Sprotts traditional texture and flavour, with the added bonus of being virtually fat free.

For customer convenience, our range boasts a variety of sliced cooked ham, which is packed in both retail (click here) and catering packs.

Sliced Cooked Ham


Sliced Cooked Ham


Sliced Cooked Ham


Deli Select Cooked Ham

Traditional Cooked Ham

Premium Ham

Celebrating 90 Years

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