Traditional Dried Bacon

Sprotts Traditionally Dried Bacon, unlike many others on the market, is the real deal. ‘Air Dried’ in a purpose built drying chamber removing all water, it rivals all other competitors as the quality product on the market.

Since the company’s inception, not only has Sprotts Traditionally Dried Bacon been winning awards for excellence, but it is completely unique to the market, as the driest of all bacons, giving it an exquisite flavour and texture.

Having twice won accolades at the Great Taste Awards for its unique taste and flavour, this bacon is the one you want on your breakfast plate or in your bacon sandwich!

After curing and maturing, the bacon middles are then transferred to our purpose built drying room where they are dried before chilling and packaging.


Sprotts Traditionally Dried Bacon is normally sold in the form of an Ayrshire middle, although some retailers prefer to buy backs or streaks.

When presented behind the deli counter in this form the nature and quality of the product catches the eye, to be sliced as thick or thin as the customer likes.

Smoked Bacon

All our bacon products can also be purchased smoked from our traditional wood smokehouse.

Traditional Middle Rolls

Traditonal Dry Back

Traditional Dry Streaky

Celebrating 90 Years

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