What We Do

Sprott’s of Portadown can trace its quality pork production way back to 1880. Today, it’s one of a handful of small bacon and ham curing houses still operating in Northern Ireland.

The family firm was winning medals in London shows as far back as 1892. Their Belfast Ham, a dry salted variety, graced the high tables at Buckingham Palace in the 1920s.

So it really is ham fit for a King

The quality pork legs are hand selected and trimmed before curing and maturing over a number of weeks. Then a slow cooking process, unchanged for decades, brings out the hams natural flavour and tenderness.

At the heart of Sprott’s, quality is the number one priority. It’s all in the time and attention we give to the process, delivering Modern Quality with a Traditional Taste. Just like it used to be.

Especially the time

Slowing everything down gives time to fully develop the taste and tenderness Sprott’s are famous for. The curing recipe and method remains a closely guarded secret. But it is no secret, Sprotts famous cooked ham contains no added water and when it is presented on the counter unadorned as nature intended, with just a simple toasted crumb coating, it looks and tastes second to none.

Just the job for a nutritious ham salad or, everyone’s favourite a delicious ham sandwich.

Delivered To You

With a fleet of fully refrigerated vehicles catering to any size of order, Sprott’s of Portadown are renowned for their quick, friendly and reliable delivery service time after time.

Celebrating 90 Years

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